Wine Business Institute Journeys "Down Under" for 9th Academy of Wine Business Research Conference

Sonoma-Based Professors of Wine Business Engage International Experts and Academics in Adelaide, Australia February 16-18
February 17, 2016

Rohnert Park, California - The Wine Business Institute (WBI) at Sonoma State University (SSU) announced that a group of Professors in Wine Business are presenting research and expertise at the 2016 Academy of Wine Business Research Conference at the University of South Australia in Adelaide between February 16 - 18. WBI faculty in attendance include Dr. Armand Gilinsky, Korbel Professor of Wine Business, Dr. Liz Thach, Distinguished Professor of Wine, Dr. Janeen Olsen, Professor of Wine Business and Marketing, and Dr. Tom Atkin, Professor of Wine Business and Quality. The annual academic conference includes presentations, collaboration, and discussion of interest to wine business educators and researchers worldwide.

"It's important that the Wine Business Institute put forward a 'show of force' at this annual conference because of our role as the global leader in wine business research and education. Rather than simply meeting the wine industry's needs, our faculty are helping to shape how the industry evolves within the demands of globalization, technology, demographic shifts, and changing regulations. The collaboration that takes place during this event is essential to our ability to inform public policy, develop industry leadership, and drive important innovation through research and education," Ray Johnson, Director of the Wine Business Institute said.

Professor Gilinsky is expected to present, Strategy and Leadership in U.S. Wine Businesses: 15 Years On, a study conducted with Dr. Robert Eyler, Professor of Economics at SSU, which examines results from a survey and investigation into strategy and leadership at U.S. wineries. Dr. Gilinsky is also leading a workshop session on how to write and publish a case study. Professor Janeen Olsen and Professor Liz Thach are presenting, Melting Pot or Blended Wine: Does Ethnicity Still Matter in Understanding Consumer Wine Behavior, a study exploring consumer preferences and consumption behavior based on market segmentation by ethnicity. Dr. Thach and Dr. Olsen will be joined by Professor Tom Atkin to present, Marketing by What Matters: Using Schwartz's Theory of Basic Values to Identify Wine Consumer Segments, a study that looks at consumer behavior through a values-based segmentation of the U.S. wine market.

WBI faculty have facilitated the conference since its inception in 2002, and SSU hosted the conference in 2005. The gathering has grown to include up to 150 researchers and academics representing as many institutions and countries around the world. In previous years, the conference was held in France (Montpellier and Bordeaux), Italy, New Zealand, Canada, and Germany.   

In Spring 2016, WBI expects to launch the Wine Business Case Research Journal, a semi-annual publication founded by Dr. Gilinsky and featuring teaching cases in the global wine business context. For more information about the 2016 Academy of Wine Business Research Conference, or for information about wine business faculty research and programs at SSU, please visit, contact (707) 664-3235, or email WBI is an education and research institute of the School of Business and Economics (SBE). 


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