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You've been in your industry or job long enough to know where your gaps are. Perhaps you're looking to make a horizontal move into another discipline. Maybe your career trajectory is held back because you have a few gaps in your skill sets. These advanced professional programs are designed to meet today's career demands and fit your busy schedule.

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Current Program Offerings

Online Certificate in 
Wine Business Management



Whether you're a current industry professional, a winemaker or viticulturist, or someone wanting to enter the industry, this certificate is designed to challenge you while developing a superior understanding of wine business operations. Students complete four courses, delivered in a convenient online format, and built to strengthen your knowledge of wine business fundamentals, marketing, supply chain management and eCommerce, preparing you to enter the industry, advance your career, or start your own business.

Contact: Erin Ringstad

Certificate in Wine Industry Finance & Accounting


This program gives an overview of the financial and accounting concepts that enable students to make better business decisions and advance their career in the wine industry.  

Contact: Erin Ringstad



Online Certificate in QuickBooks® for
Wine Businesses: A Comprehensive Application


Learn how to use Quickbooks® efficiently and effectively to produce meaningful and accurate reports for your wine business. 

Contact: Erin Ringstad





Certificate in Wine  Entrepreneurship


This 8-week certificate course takes a systematic look at the different components of a successful wine brand and assists you in creating a strategy for sustainable profitability and cash flow.  

Contact: Erin Ringstad



Human Resources Management Certificate



The Human Resources Management HRM) Certificate teaches the skills and knowledge required to successfully manage human capital in today's complex business environment. The program combines technical knowledge with skill building in areas like managing a diverse workforce, conflict resolution, compensation and benefits, and employee development. 

Contact: Susan Adams


Project Management Certificate




The 17-week Project Management Certificate meets all the educational requirements necessary to sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and the Project Management Professional examinations. The SSU Project Management course also provides training in the use of Microsoft Project. The inclusion of M/S Project training differentiates the SSU course from other project management courses, and the issuance of an SSU Certificate in Project Management distinguishes the course from the exam-prep only courses. The course includes the project life cycle phase of initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. 

Contact: Dr. Jim Robison

Operations & Supply Chain Management Certificate


This certificate program focuses on effective and efficient utilization of capital, labor, and other resources to transform raw materials into finished goods and services, and to make these products available to the ultimate consumer. Product and process design, procurement, planning, scheduling, manufacturing, quality control, and distribution are all components of operations and supply chain management.

Contact: Dr. Jim Robison

Professional Sales Certificate



The Professional Sales Certificate program will expose you to the various aspects of professional selling and the essential skills necessary to enter the field. It equips you with a process for selling, focusing on skills to influence, communicate effectively, and provide valuable solutions as consultants who solve problems and create value for organizations. This program is currently offered to undergraduate Business students only

Contact: Dr. Rich Campbell

French Language Certificate for Wine Business


The French Language Certificate for Wine Business enhances the international and global perspective of students in the undergraduate Wine Business Strategies concentration by combining their studies in wine business with earned proficiency in the French language. Currently offered to undergraduate students only

Contact: Dr. Suzanne Toczyski