Course: Introduction to Wine Business

Jan 24, 2019 , 8:00am - Feb 21, 2019 , 5:00pm
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This course is the foundation class required for the Online Certificate in Wine Business Management. This is a four-week course that provides an overview of the business of wine. Students will develop an appreciation of the realities of the wine business as a business and come to understand the steps required for getting from the vineyard and into the glass of the consumer.

January 24 - February 21, 2019
Prerequisites: None


Learning Objectives -- Upon completion of this course, students will:

  1. Understand the components of a wine business and the viewpoints of the various stakeholders in the following areas:
    • Grape growing, including costs, values, quality considerations, supply and demand, risks and opportunities
    • Production, winemaking, maturation and packaging
    • Marketing
    • Distribution, a complex and highly regulated process
    • Domestic sales, selling wine in retail stores (off-premise), restaurants and bars (on premise), online and direct to consumer (through tasting rooms, events and wine clubs)
  2. Understand how going to market with wine compares and contrasts with other consumer packaged goods.
  3. Understand the key decision points, interrelatedness and costs that go into growing, producing, marketing, distributing and selling a wine product.
  4. Outline how quality and value is determined at each step in the process of grape growing, production, marketing, distribution, domestic and export sales and final point of sale.
  5. Understand the financial resources and time periods necessary to establish a wine product.
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