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Designed for winery owners, accountant, bookkeepers, entrepreneurs and others seeking a complete understanding of the cost of producing wine, this course will demystify the most complex aspects of winery accounting. By helping students develop an accurate understanding of the true costs of their product this course will enable students to build sustainable and profitable pricing strategies for various wine business models.  

May 18, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Wine industry executive program for accounting professionals, winery owners, and office managers.

This eight-week program teaches participants to use QuickBooks® efficiently and effectively to produce meaningful and accurate reports for wine businesses. Learn the core practices and procedures, and create a customized Quickbooks® program tailored specifically for wine business needs.

Program Schedule: May 8 - July 3, 2019


Students will learn to:

From the development of vineyard property through production of wine and final sales, this course will cover tax accounting principles and strategies for vineyards and wineries.  The course will include a focus on special farming provisions, tax elections and vineyard depreciation methods as well as various tax strategies for inventory costing, selection of accounting methods, depreciation and other unique taxation rules and planning opportunities available to vineyard and winery owners and management teams.
May 4, 2019

This course is the foundation class for the Online Certificate in Wine Business Management. This is a four-week course that provides an overview of the business of wine. Students will develop an appreciation of the realities of the wine business as a business and come to understand the steps required for getting from the vineyard and into the glass of the consumer.

April 18 - May 16, 2019
Prerequisites: None


Learning Objectives -- Upon completion of this course, students will:

This 8-week online course provides sales and management training for suppliers and distributors in the wine and alcohol beverage industry.  Through exploration of route-to-market strategies for alcoholic beverages, students gain client-facing sales and territory management skills.  Building on this knowledge, students complete weekly series of pre-recorded micro-lectures and submit activities or quizzes with video coaching and feedback from the instructor. 

Program Schedule: March 26 - May 21, 2019

This course will explore the essential components involved in developing a successful budget and forecasting methods, starting with a framework to understand strategic, business, and operational models. Throughout the course, students will explore various ways to analyze budgets, identify key performance indicators, and build reporting structures that will help any business professional make financial and budgetary decisions. Whether starting or expanding a wine business, this workshop will help change and improve the way you manage your financial operations. 

The wine industry entrepreneurship program is designed to provide wine business principals and aspiring owners the time and guided focus to create a business plan that ensures success.

This eight-week course allows participants to engage with industry leaders for insight and lessons learned. Through guided discussion using various tools and frameworks, students are challenged to align their mission and vision with a written business plan by course completion.

Program Schedule: February 21 - April 11, 2019


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