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Reach out to learn how your organization can meet its internship or hiring needs through a partnership with the School of Business and Economics Career Center.  We invite you to get involved.


Spring Mixer


Find talent locally among Sonoma State University Business and Economic students and May graduates at our annual mixer. 

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Mentor Program









Join our Mentor Program to partner with a student and expose them to your professional expertise. Mentor Program is designed to provide opportunities for students to explore professions, companies, and industries in the world of work.  For Mentors, the program provides an opportunity to:

  • Share a sense of pride in career achievement, company,
    and profession.
  • Impart real-world experiences to those embarking on careers for the first time.
  • Acquaint yourself with a potential future employee.
  • Fulfill an ability to serve the community; give back an experience given to you.

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Internship Program








Hire an Intern to execute special projects or day to day activities.  It's a low-risk opportunity to experience a potential career hire. A wide variety of large and small businesses, nonprofits, and government institutions have found that SSU business and economics student interns add value to their organizations. In fact, many employers have found them to be so successful that they have built internships into their long-term staffing plans. Please send your position descriptions as Word documents to Dr. Kyuho Lee who will provide guidance on how to post them.

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Employer Guide to Developing Internships

Job Postings







Announce job openings across our student and alumni networks. Whether you have a part-time or full-time employment opportunity, we invite you to reach out to our current students, recent graduates and alumni by posting your position on Sonoma State University's jobs site. Job postings can be done directly on Seawolf Jobs, which is Sonoma State University's campus-wide online job listing service.

 SBE Jobs Listing (Google Drive)

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Career Fairs


Please contact the Sonoma State University Career Services Office.

Professional Programs


Recruit highly competitive students from our professional programs.

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Corporate Partnership Program




SBE's Corporate Partnership Program has grown due to generous investments in our school that enhance the programs and career services that we provide to students. Partner firms gain access to well-trained employee prospects and professional faculty members with expertise spanning the business economy.

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Custom Services





The School of Business and Economics (SBE) at Sonoma State University provides extraordinary learning opportunities to students at the undergraduate, graduate, and industry executive levels. Our academic training, support for entrepreneurs, and career advancement services benefit professionals and industries across the Bay Area.

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