Sandra Newton, Ph.D.

Professor, Management & Wine Business

(707) 664-3296
Stevenson 2019
  • University of South Florida - Ph.D. in Business Administration
  • Webster University - M.A. in Business Administration and Human Resources Development
  • University of Maryland University College - B.S. in Business Administration

Dr. Sandra Newton is Associate Professor in the Business Department of the School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University. Dr. Newton's major research interests include wine e-commerce and wine business strategies, as well as marketing and customer service related issues in the wine industry. She has published wine-related research in International Journal of Wine Business Research, International Journal of Wine Marketing, and Journal of Internet Commerce, as well as presented her research at a number of international and national conferences. Dr. Newton currently teaches undergraduates - Wine E-Commerce and Direct Sales and Introduction to Management Information Systems and graduates - Management Information Systems.

Selected Publications & Presentations
  • Gilinsky, A., Newton, S.K., & Eyler, R. Are strategic orientations and managerial characteristics drivers of performance in the U.S. wine industry? International Journal of Wine Business Research, 30(1).
  • Newton, S.K., Gilinsky, A., & Jordan, D. (2015). Differentiation strategies and winery financial performance: An empirical investigation. Wine Economics & Policy, 4(2).
  • Newton, S.K., & Gilinsky, A., (2015). Disrupting the wine industry. Case Research Journal, 35(4).
  • Gilinsky, A., Newton, S.K., Atkin, T., Santini, C, Cavicchi, A., Romeo, A.C., and Huertas, R. (2015). Perceived efficacy of sustainability strategies in the US, Italian, and Spanish wine industries: A comparative study. International Journal of Wine Business Research, 27(3).